Dog Booster Seat for Car

Dog Booster Seat for Car : Keep Your Pet Safe and Joyful

Dog Booster Seat for Car : Keep Your Pet Safe and Joyful

It's a pleasure to go for a drive with your beloved puppy, breathing in fresh air,with music playing in the car,the scenery outside the car window is so wonderful.But what you don't know is:it's much more dangrous if your puppy is too exciting or too nervous while they are without any pretoction. that's why we need a dog car booster seat in your car.

Why car booster seat for pet is neccessory ?

1.Keep your pet safe dring the trip 

We will never let our little child on the car without baby booster seat, as we can't confirm the safety during the tour.Same to our puppy.

No one can predict whether the pets will sit nicely and not bother furparants during the trip,if they jump into the car console, this can cause serious damage for both furparants and pet .with a pet booster seat,when you driving,don't need to worry about the dog Drill into the legs disturb you.

Especially for puppy or kitten, with the car seat belt is not enough , with the pet car booster seat , they can stand or lie down on it .Think about it :your four-leg friends feels comfortable, safe and secure ,they are more likely to sit or lie quietly during the trip, letting you simply concentrate on the road. 

2.Keep your car seat clear and tidy

We all know that the cat or dog  shed hair very easily,sometimes, the car rear seat cushion is not easy to clean, solve your troubles while using this car booster seat,and this kit is easy to install and remove .if you have problems while install , you can found the videos on our Youtube or contact the customer service for help .

petbobi car booster seat for dogs

Before you purchase , please don't forget something you need consideration, here is the specifications for our car booster seat:

Booster type:Not Elevated - Sits directly on your car seat without a raised base

Suitable pet size:Small Dogs up to 25lbs, if your dog is too large , we recommand a Dog Car Seat Cover

Accessories:Oxford fabric, PVC Mesh Material, Stainless Steel Buckle, PVC tube, PE Clapboard

Installation level: ease to install.


Let's take a look at Amazon seller have to say:


Great for the price!

I needed a car seat for our new rescue dog. She was an unexpected addition to the family so I needed something well made but inexpensive.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package! The car seat was better quality than I expected. It came with easy to understand instructions and took me about 10 minutes to install on the passenger back seat.

I would recommend getting a S clip for the seat belt. I ran out through the straps on front for extra protection and it will lay flat with the extra clip.

My dog is about 15 pounds. She can curl up and sit comfortably but there's not much room to grow with her. A slightly larger dog could sit in the seat but not lay down.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to friends and family.


@Pam Miller

Wonderful Quality Carseat for small fur babies

This puppy car seat came within 2 days of ordering it. It was so easy & simple to put together (only 2 piece of pvc pipe to slide in). It was a breeze installing it in my car as well.The front has a sturdy zipper pocket to put treats, leash, or keys and wallet inside. My Chorkie, Dolly enjoys riding in it. A person could actually put 2 3-5 lb dogs in it comfortably. It is a nice quality item. As you may be able to tell, I'm just super please with it. I will be recommending this to my friends who also love their fur babies as much as I do. Thank you so much for the time & effort the company put in to assure the customer & 4 legged customers are safe, comfortable & very pleased!



I stand corrected. This is a great carrier.

I previously wrote a review on this carrier. It was not a very good one. Then. I saw the video attached and realized I had installed it wrong. I went out right away and reinstalled it. Wow, it is totally different. My mini schnauzer is comfortable in the carrier and safe. I did adjust the strap to her size using a zip tie. Easy peasy. We took her to San Diego 3hr trip. She did great. It is important to strap the carrier to the seat in front of it. I will attach pictures. Love it. We had to hit the breaks hard and it didn't even wake her up. Best test of all. Also allows her to look out the window. I only let her do this when we are going slow.