2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
2 Packs Washable Pee Pads
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2 Packs Washable Pee Pads

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24*36 in
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36*48 in
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Color: Gray
Product Weight: 1.7 lbs, 2.3 lbs, 3.3 lbs
Product Dimensions: 24*36 in, 32*36 in, 36*48 in
Fabric Type: Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Cotton
Care Instructions: Hand or machine wash

Say goodbye to throwing your money away on disposable puppy pee pads and also saving the planet from landfill overload! Meet our washable potty pads – the smarter choice for you and the environment. Wash them by hand or throw them in the washing machine when the dog has done the damage. Just remember not to add any fabric softener, bleach or go the dry cleaning route, as it destroys the waterproof crate pad's absorbent layers. With over 300 uses, these waterproof crate pads are the ultimate choice for hassle-free potty training.


Is it ok to put these in the wahser and dryer?
Sure thing. These pads are safe to clean in your washer and dryer. Simply tumble dry on low for best results.
Will my little pups confuse the pee pad with the carpet?
It's simple! Place the pad at a spot where your furry friends usually go. They'll learn to associate the pad with the act of going potty, and you can gradually move it wherever you want them to go.
How often should I wash them? Is it necessary to do this every day?
The frequency really depends on how much your dog uses them and how many dogs you have. In our case, we have 2 small dogs that use them a lot, so we wash them every other day. However, if you prefer to do it every day, it's perfectly safe.

Words from our Beloved Pawrents

    Due to the under fabric you don’t need to worry about leakage. The top of the pee pad, pee is absorbed without puddling easy to wash and dry. Easy to train your dogs. I own several pads so I can easily rotate them. During good weather I put outside to dry. Mine have not worn out. Have had 8 months.
    Cheryl R.
    These were so so helpful when we had a senior dog in the house that couldn’t hold her bladder very well any more. Once we got her to pee on the pads, it was a breeze. She had no issue peeing on these mats. There was never a leaking issue, and we just threw them in the washer. If she pooped on them we would shake it off over the trash can first though.
    The pads work great! My dog had a UTI and was having accidents while he slept and diapers just weren’t enough. The pee pads are the perfect solution. They prevented him from making a mess in his bed and surrounding areas. Best part is they are machine washable. I absolutely recommend!!