Petbobi Brand Story

Days with your pet are undoubtedly filled with joy, laughter, and hard-to-resist cuddle sessions. However, it’s not always treats and tail-wagging. Between training, traveling, grooming, and more, difficult situations will inevitably occur. So, Petbobi was founded to enhance the great moments and simplify the hard ones.

At the onset of Petbobi, our founder Jack Chen made it his mission to create hassle-free solutions that pet owners everywhere could trust, making the pet care experience a walk in the park....

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What Our Furparants are saying?

Easy to install. Very strong. You can change the position easily. Now, I have the peace of mind to let my dog play in the yard without chasing him around!

Ahmad Yasin

Just installed this seat as a replacement for the one I already had. It is bigger than previous seat, easy to install and my rescue dog who weighs 16 lbs loves it. It is very well made with plenty of straps to make sure my dog travels safely. I do appreciate the front zipper pocket for storage etc.
You can't go wrong with this car seat. The only thing that it is missing is there is no padded seat. I put a bath towel folded in the seat. Works out fine.


My 3lb chihuahua love it immediately! Now she can see out the window and is safe!
My 12 lb pug mix can fit in the same seat with her sister!
Ridin dirty!

Janet G

Está muy lindo, igual que en la foto, no le pongo 5 por que me parece muy flexible, me hubiera gustado que las paredes cubiertas por tela fueran más rígidas porque si se recarga en cualquiera de ellas las aplasta y no detienen a mi bebé al igual que el piso, de ser el piso mas rígido se podria colgar donde fuera el asiento y no solo sobre una superficie dura...

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