Funny Giggle Interactive Ball - Yellow
Funny Giggle Interactive Ball - Yellow
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Funny Giggle Interactive Ball - Yellow

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Attraction: hilarious giggling
Material: hard ABS ball with flexible and durable TRP double shell
Breeds: dogs for 10-90 lbs

The ultimate solution to your furry friend's boredom! 
Not only does it satisfy their natural curiosity, but it also channels their chewing obsession into a safer avenue. 
With our interactive dog toy, your pet's physical activity levels will skyrocket, while your frustration from dealing with destructive behavior will plummet. 
Say goodbye to chewed-up shoes and hello to a happy, active pup!


How do you turn on the toy?
All you gotta do is roll or turn it and watch your pup go crazy over the hilarious giggle sounds it makes. No need for batteries, it's an instant hit!
Can the giggle ball handle a big dog?
Absolutely! Our giggle ball is ready to take on medium and large pups with ease.
Can this ball handle the natural elements of rain and water immersion?
Without a doubt! It can handle both. However, if you don't want to dampen the fun, we suggest not leaving the ball in the water for too long. And when you do take it out, just give it a good shake – no harm, no foul!

Words from our Beloved Pawrents

    My mini golden doodle loves this so much. Got it for her first birthday and she is enamored and wild about it! She has pretty much destroyed all of her other toys (a very aggresive chewer). Giggle feature intrigues her!
    Thphoid M.
    My German Shepard approves. This is the longest wobble noise ball he has ever had. All the other last maybe 3 weeks before I had to throw it away.
    Renee J.
    I have a 16 lb Boston Terrier puppy and he has a lot of energy! Sometimes when I'm lazy I want him to be self sufficient so I let him play with this. He goes crazy for it! It's such a cool toy and I would buy again it is definitely worth it for me!